Pete Stewart – Butler Fire Department 

I would like to thank Foundation 58 for the donation of money to us in July 2008. Their generous gift was such a special help. First because it was from a brotherhood of firefighters, and secondly because I was paying parking, eating two meals a day at the hospital and driving every day 50 miles one way to the hospital for almost 3 weeks. The stress of all that and wondering how we’d get the money to pay for it was causing me to have anxiety attacks on top of all Pete was going through. He was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma that had gone to his brain and liver. He died on Aug.9, 2008. It was in the second week of going to the hospital that Foundation 58 contacted me and offered the donation. What a relief and weight was lifted off my already tired shoulders, I got the money in about two days after being contacted. What a blessing this group was for our family, I truly can’t express our gratitude. May God bless all of you involved.

God Bless,
Peggy Stewart