Bobby Shea – Scranton Fire Department

My son, Bobby Shea, became ill in January 2008 and was diagnosed with cancer. I stayed with him until his death on January 15, 2009 at age 39.

Of course, he was depressed knowing his illness could be terminal and yet he fought to rise each day with a smile and determination to go forward. Most of my thoughts daily are of his strength and courage gained through the kindness of the Firefighters Brotherhood, his friends, and loving family.

I remember clearly the day Bobby received a phone call from Foundation 58 to ask if they could visit. The two men visited for quite sometime in the back yard. Soon after they left Bobby was crying. He was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of FOUNDATION 58. He gave me the check to deposit and asked why they would do that for him. I told him those people at Foundation 58 are children of God and that is how God works. He could not believe people who did not know him would do something that significant. We cried together. I could go on and on talking about Bobby, because that is my favorite pastime.

He was a very determined and kindhearted soul. His handsome face and gorgeous smile will be remembered forever and I hope each and every one at Foundation 58 will have the love and support he had from family, friends, and the brotherhood but especially blessings from above.

Thank you from Bobby Shea’s family.

Sisters…..Patty, Kathy, and Mari
Puppy…..Benny (Bobby’s dog for 6 months who brought him much joy)